With everyone in the family requiring their own private phone, it has become more necessary to get everyone on an individual plan. Parents who have put their children on an allowance want to train their children on how to save and prudently use their money and that’s why starting them off on a mobile phone plan is the best idea for everyone. However, if the parent doesn’t know any better they might put their children and family on expensive plans, and this will simply eat away on their hard-earned allowance. So, here’s how to best navigate this issue for the best outcome. 

What is the Best Mobile Phone Plan for Groups?

Getting a mobile phone plan for an individual is different as compared to a group. A family as a group has different dynamics and some carriers even allow you to pay for different mobile phone plans under the same contract. This way, each person understands their consumption and will be responsible for their individual payments, while still benefitting from the group benefit. However, other carriers don’t have this option and so you have to manage it within yourselves as a family. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Family-Based Mobile Phone Plan

The main factor is definitely on the various needs each family member has. The parents will likely make more phone calls since they have more formal tasks to do within the course of their day. Children and teenagers tend to be keener on their data and will likely require more data resources as compared to their parents. Therefore, the best option to put the younger family members is a plan that prioritizes data and WiFi. This means, you can have certain data limits for use during the day when they are at school, then cap it for the evening when they can use WiFi at home. 

For adults, an unlimited plan that focuses more on calling minutes and texts is best, since they typically use less carrier data. Chances are high they already have WiFi at work and would rarely rely on their carrier’s data plans. However, for older citizens a prepaid option is better since they make few calls and prefer maintaining low resources meant for emergencies. 

Family Mobile Phone Plans for Travelers

For your family vacation, you can consider a mobile phone plan that puts everyone in one bundle. This is because you will likely not stay in your vacation spot for long and therefore, you won’t need a long term contract for your needs. In Australia, there are group phone plans that you can easily online get when searching mobile phone plans Australia. This option allows you to share bundles, but capping certain resources to particular cell phone numbers. Therefore, your children can have the high data bundles capped, while you retain the carrier talk time. 


Family phone plans only work where there is discipline, and everyone understands the need to use mobile resources sparingly and considerably. It is not a long term measure since needs change and therefore you need WiFi to supplement it.