Data transfer and sharing are so much necessary these days because of digitalization. For this reason, we need apps and software that can easily share and transfer data. Thankfully, technological advancement has provided some of the best data transferring methods. Wireless data sharing and transfer is perhaps the best method created so far.

iMazing is one such data-sharing software which you should check on. With iMazing, you can exchange and transfer data from iOS to Mac and PC devices. But make sure to enter the imazing license key to install this software on your device. You will get to know about the imazing license key in this article.

About imazing

As already mentioned above, imazing happens to be one of the best data transferring software available. One can share videos, audio, images, documents, and other data from one device to another using imazing.

This software allows quick transfer of data from one device to another and external devices like memory cards, USB drives, and flash drives. It can also restore and backup data and lost data as well.

About imazing license key

A license key is something that protects software from getting copied or pirated. Besides, it is also necessary to install and run some software such as imazing as you need to enter the license key. For example, to run imazing, you need to enter the imazing license key. Only then shall the software start working.

The license key happens to be an alpha-numeric code that you need to enter to make the software run. For example, an imazing license key can be o2faPIEK-3fJAky2-NIxenfgaccr2myqD. When you enter this code, the software will be activated, and it will start functioning.

Features of iMazing 2.14.4 Crack

  • Quick and effortless transfer of files from the old to the new device and from one device to other external devices.
  • Comes with a highly improved user interface.
  • Without any synchronization of devices, you can copy the media file.
  • You can easily save and transfer your photos, videos, and other files.
  • Saving, restoring, and backing up your data to clouds can be done for free.
  • You can even save, export, and print your chats and message conversations.
  • With imazing, there is no chance of data loss and data theft. It ensures very secure data transfer.
  • Imazing is known for transferring contacts. Now, you can easily share and save your contact list from your iOS to the desktop.
  • One can use imazing in iOS and desktop at the same time.
  • Besides, one pair or remove any extra devices as well.
  • Backups can be saved in any external device and location.
  • One of the best features of imazing is it has 11 international language support.

New features

  • The new imazing is compatible with new iPad models as well.
  • Jail Break Detection performance is also enhanced.
  • Smooth exporting of files.
  • Rapid transfer.
  • More tools are offered to store the data safely.
  • It supports iTunes 12.8 and above.
  • By simply hitting the header, you can reverse the order of WhatsApp and messages thread easily.
  • Bulk exports of WhatsApp messages can be done with ease.
  • Highly compatible with the previous versions of WhatsApp as well.
  • No issue at all while exporting messages to PDF files.
  • Backup timeout has been improved for large backups.
  • You can export call logs and import calendars through this software.

Benefits of imazing

  • iMazing is highly beneficial for iOS users or Apple users as it is compatible with all types of Apple devices from iOS to Mac and even iTunes.
  • It ensures the safe and quick transfer of images, videos, audio, and even messages from one device to another and external devices.
  • Besides, as already mentioned above, call logs can also be exported.
  • It has a good backup quality as it can smoothly backup even large files.
  • Most importantly, it comes with 11 international language support.

Disadvantages of imazing

Imazing not being compatible with other operating systems and devices except Windows and Apple can be considered the only disadvantage of imazing. However, exporting can be done with different external device brands as well.

System Requirements of imazing

  • Compatible Windows 7, 8, and 10, XP, and Vista
  • Also compatible with iOS and Mac.
  • 300 MB HDD.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • Intel Processor 4.

Imazing license key

Imazing license key, mainly required for activating and launching the imazing software. The software will start functioning only after entering the license key. After doing this, you can share and transfer data from one device to another and from one device to external devices. The alpha-numeric imazing license keys are as follows.

  • O2faPIEK-3fzJAky2-NIxenfgaccr2myqD
  • 7p9eljdGjs-Zby3Xp0-oWcZhoCRXE0S314
  • U85tPk7Yx-7Vky7B-cbCuQ9FybJrfc1qcO
  • XAIJVhI4IxG-8MuMe-k1fUBZke5VRkRIM

Imazing activation key

  • y6uXIuNr7-epaemyT-qQSZJCJVMKOwkF8
  • y3n9bX8J0-YfGnjnVU-NI0R7M0COj4yAFR
  • GjGFkEXC-CpSX0BX-RRcZf48ocsktpFp4
  • XPvcw2Fdq-AOy61zS-tRZIAfIzrBIOyJ4H

Imazing 2021 key

  • 03psvAIxO3Le-0eIIYHe-NIGXsckviz7J1
  • xRGIXpWUMg-aw9pccd-QhiKBXs886dUTIu
  • 1EBkZKcFCLE-WQHp3V-MzWqNqR0vDkPt3u
  • HrzQxMQakPP-HNEeu7m-FDJavBIFy9UQZk

Activating imazing using imazing license key

It’s effortless to activate imazing using its license key. All you need to do is download and install the imazing software and then enter the imazing license key to start it. Don’t forget to click the activate button, however. It will take a few times to activate; wait till the activation is complete and don’t touch any button. After the activation is complete, your software will be ready to use.

Why is it imazing popular?

Imazing is famous for its top-notch features, which you won’t find in any other data transferring software. It is perhaps the option for iOS and Mac users for sharing and transferring data. You can even transfer messages using imazing. Therefore, for all these reasons imazing is popular. Moreover, imazing keeps the devices organized, and tidy and the imazing license key protects the software from piracy. Besides, you don’t have to worry about data loss or data theft while transferring from one device to another or an external location.

How to use imazing?

To use imazing, you have to first install and activate it on your device. Use the software and get it activated by entering the imazing license key. There’s nothing complicated in this software. You can open the software and start transferring all data types, including photos, audio, videos, text messages, WhatsApp messages, and many more. You may restore and backup data as well. Therefore, you can see using imazing is very easy.

Final Takeaway

In this era of digitalization, sharing and transferring data has become so much important. Imazing has become a one-stop solution for fast data sharing and transferring. If you are looking for a good data transferring method, then imazing is the right option. Imazing has been very beneficial, especially for iOS, iPod, and Mac users or Apple users in general.