When it comes to web design, you have to focus on value. Your audience is impatient and has limited time to spend on your website. If your site isn’t providing value, you are losing them as quickly as you attracted them. Websites with tons of images and CTA buttons tend to fail because they don’t offer any value to the audience. On the other hand, websites that are not strategically designed will also fail to grab attention. A well-designed website is mandatory for any company that wants to grow its business or push branding initiatives further. That is why the role of the best web development company in India matters the most. Here, web development services in India are the answer to the question: Does your website fail to perform. 

The survey findings published online disclose that users like to stick to a website for 20-30 seconds hardly. Users continue to spend some time on the website if it offers them a more excellent value. Your website should be quicker, precise, and to-the-point to grab the audience’s attention. With the ever-increasing uses of the internet, the demand for web development has been increasing rapidly. Web development includes the process of developing websites for hosting through intranet or the internet. The web developer’s job is to design, create, and modify websites to be user-friendly and compatible with different browsers. 

Reasons why your website is not performing

Find here why your website fail to perform despite your genuine effort along with some improvement tips from a custom website development company India.

Low-quality visuals

Low-quality visuals can be a major turn-off for your website audience. Apart from rock-solid content, your website needs images and graphics to represent your message. The visuals should be of high quality. You can’t overlook the strength of high-quality visuals in communication. Presentation using great visuals contributes well to audience engagement and delivers convincing results. Using high-quality photos grabs viewers’ attention, enhances social shares, and boosts overall search engine optimization (SEO).

Lack of user testimonials 

When potential customer lands on your page, they need to see that you are a legitimate business with happy customers. User testimonials directly impact your brand value, and positive customer testimonials improve the website’s trust quotient.

Websites tend to convey only the strengths of their services and products, but the actual users add genuine testimonials that can address other concerns that they may have before making the final purchase. Having this information readily available inspires confidence in your product or service.

Outdated or obsolete information 

Updating your website content regularly is crucial. Users love to read new information, and showing them outdated or irrelevant information will only turn them off of your brand. Staying current and updated with your information brings value to the brand and pulls visitors to your website. Regularly adding fresh and unique content adds vitality to your website copy!

Not search friendly

There is a lot of competition on the web, and you have to be strategic to get found. This is why it’s so important to consider search engine optimization (SEO) when creating your website. SEO involves developing search-friendly pages that are easily discoverable by search engines and consumers.

It would help if you also focused on having a solid domain name and carefully optimizing page titles to reflect the content inside accurately. This will help ensure that your website shows up for relevant searches and helps get you noticed in an increasingly crowded playing field.

Not mobile-friendly

In the current age, when more and more of your customers are browsing on mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website is a must. Your desktop website might be fantastic, but if it fails to load correctly on your customers’ phones and tablets, you miss out on revenue and destroy your credibility.

Responsive websites are optimized to render correctly on all devices: they can automatically enlarge or shrink to fit any size screen. When you’re creating your website, make sure it has a responsive version so you can reach your customers wherever they are.

Google Ad crowd

When you’re earning money from Google ads, it’s easy to see them as your website’s primary source of income. And since they’re so easy to build and set up, it can be tempting to make an entire website around advertising.

But when you plan your website design, remember that you’re creating something for your potential customers and clients. Having a homepage stuffed with ads will make a wrong first impression on the people who visit your site.

Higher load time

In the age of the Internet, users are always on the move. They don’t have time to wait 2 minutes for a website, even if they’re seeking fun and excitement from it! Make sure during custom website design that your site doesn’t suffer from poor loading times. You can lose your business if you don’t look at the following stats carefully.

  • About 47% of users believe any web page to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • About 40% of people leave a website that consumes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1-second delay in page response may result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Disorganization, misplaced call-to-action signs, weak and dull graphics, poor navigation, poor layout, and no contact information are some significant barriers to a perfect B2B and B2C website. 

Summing up

If you want to give your website a second chance, custom web development services in India and the best web development company in India are the best way to do the same.