To investigate the results that give your brand a greater reach in web positioning or make a campaign effective, you must know what is driving the traffic of your target audience and for this you will need to carry out a mapping of the competition, does it mean to copy or spy on it? Of course not, as long as there is a business plan, one of the steps is to analyze the strategies that lead to success and avoid useless actions. 

For that reason, the competition is the appropriate option to analyze the information and decide on the SEO strategy that you should implement and thus obtain the expected traffic and dwell time in an organic way. 

What are the advantages of analyzing SEO competition?

-Identify the weaknesses of the competition and take advantage of them. 

-Identify the strengths of your brand and promote them to obtain good results.

-Detect competitive opportunities and gain space in them.

-Know what works or not within the business plan.

-Understand the SEO strategies that you should prioritize.

-Identify the competition authority in the SERPs results

What are the aspects to analyze SEO competition?

-User experience

-Types of links 

-Social networks

-Content strategy

-On-Site Analysis

The analysis of the competition focuses on determining the success of the corporate project and if in case the competition has already carried out an analysis of the market and proposed strategies that helped the effectiveness of its plan, much better because you will have a broad vision of other competitors and how much the actual actions of the plan are listed. 

Is SEO analysis of the competition important?

If your project is to launch a website, blog and apply ads, analysis is the basis for your website to improve and be effective for you and the users who will visit them. The benefits to your website are: better placement in the search engines SERP, ROI, time of permanence, shared information, searches with your brand name and constant traffic. 

Therefore, the first thing you should take into account is “what content does the competition make for potential audiences” with this simple phrase inserted in your mind, curiosity and need will open doors to start the analysis. You must ensure at all times that you have the keywords to position your website in search engines.

What are the aspects to take into account to carry out the analysis? 

-Analyze the architecture of the website

-Analyze the content

-Analyze the link building

-Analyze internal and external links

With those said in the last lines and the above you are ready to perform a search and deep analysis of the SEO of the competition. 

How to recognize who are the main online competitors?

Identifying competitors is as simple as putting the item you are targeting in the Google search engine and seeing the options that appear on the first page and thus, detecting your position. The keyword of your niche is the one that encompasses your entire market.

Next we will detail the aspects to analyze of the SEO of the competition 

User experience

To start with the navigation and analysis of the competition, you must locate yourself within their website as one more user. Within it, you will have to take note of everything, visual organization, type of content, quality of links and more. From that moment on, you must ask yourself: How do visits turn into objectives? What we are referring to is, where is your goal going; It could be selling courses, downloading informational material and, to achieve this, what they do. Maybe they put up persuasive meta descriptions, visually appealing calls to action, offers, discounts, or other things. 

Another question is whether the web has signs of trust; In other words, it is attractive, it lacks irrelevant linked content, it places special offers and promotions. All the aforementioned has an impact on the user experience, so you must be careful when identifying it on the competitor’s website. 

Links profile

To analyze the links of the competition we must use the most relevant platforms such as: Ahrefs , Moz or MajesticSEO . Within these platforms you can analyze which links or links are purchased, natural, forums, blogs or directories. If in case they contain link-baiting actions, that is, infographics or videos. 

Link building actions that are black hat can report it through Google’s Spam Report and the anchor they use to place these links. 

Social networks

The most important and effective in competition mapping and analysis is to know if they make use of social networks, the most obvious thing is that they do, since the current generation must find the company in all virtual fields. So from that perspective what you should do is identify what type of content they handle within their profile, if this is effective for the value of the brand and the relationship with their customers. 

To detect the authoritative competition in your market niche, it must be located within the most used social networks; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. 

Content strategies

At this point you should stay alert because it will help you generate leads, visits and traffic, that’s right, content is the most powerful aspect of business strategy. Within it you can see what content generates that other sources refer to the website through an external link. 

Here you must ask yourself if the content generated is by the user, what we mean is if they focus on the insights, the number of comments on the blog and if they have a community formed or not.

For this reason, knowing what the competition is doing helps to detect your weaknesses, create an improvement plan and promote the objectives set in order to achieve the business goals and be above your competitors. 

On-Site Analysis

It is essential to know about SEO on the website, because you will detect if the competition is investing in a specialist, the tactics used and those that you do not know so that you consider applying them. 

The factors to be analyzed are the following:

-Type of web architecture

The organization of the categories, the sections of the structure, the content updates, the optimization of the web, the quality of the last pages and the number of clicks from the home page. 

-Important categories

Analyze the categories that are highlighted on the site or find out what they are trying to position. You can find this out from home by looking at the linked content.


The most important in SEO are the keywords and knowing the intentions of the competition based on search engine positioning gives us the advantage of implementing this strategy or improving it. This aspect is easy to find out, you only need to read the title or meta description, however there are other platforms that find out for you. In addition, with the anchor of the text in their links and page that go to these links, it will be possible to know which word they are giving priority to and how they handle it.

In conclusion, to achieve a campaign with successful results we must create a mapping plan to the competition to determine what are the strengths and weaknesses. For that way better and have a better result, also, avoid performing strategies that were not effective for them. From the established, you are ready to perform a benchmarking of the SEO of the competition