The social markers represent one of the most important tools in positioning our site. If you want to know what they are for and learn how to use them efficiently in your brand, this article may interest you.

If you wonder what social bookmarking is , be sure to read this article where we respond to this common concern of digital marketing professionals . Shall we start?

What are social bookmarks or social bookmarks?

Surely one of the best friends for any Internet user are bookmarks or bookmarks , since they allow us to manage our favorite web pages and use them easily from the same browser. Did you know that the idea of bookmarking pages to manage content is also useful in digital marketing ?

There are two types of social bookmarks , to carry out this management. Bookmark managers allow us to centralize our favorites privately; Only we access that list of favorite pages, and we can do it through any device. Social bookmarks allow us to create lists with favorites and manage them both privately and publicly. We are going to talk to you about these here: we will give you some examples of social bookmarks and we will tell you how to take advantage of this tool for the web positioning of your site.

How do social bookmarking work?

For personal use, social bookmarks allow us to store or save a website in a list so that we can visit it again later. Bookmarks are saved in the cloud, so you can access them from any device, by entering your favorite social network.

If we restrict ourselves to the use that can be given to it in Content Marketing, we must say that social bookmarks are absolutely useful since they allow us to develop an incomparable dissemination strategy; It is a dissemination tool for our content that will allow us to reach many people in a simple way. Applied correctly it can really be an impressive use to climb in popularity.

The concept of social bookmarking or Social bookmarking , has become extremely popular because it is one of the tools that no SEO expert should ignore. Although its function is similar to that of personal bookmarks, the difference is that social bookmarks are used to position pages through different platforms. In this way, every time a user decides to bookmark a page, they collaborate with their positioning.

They are called social bookmarks because the positioning of the pages is carried out organically , it is people who induce it and not machines.

If bookmarks help us to manage our favorite pages in a browser, social bookmarks manage to create a series of lists of public favorite pages, and contribute to the visibility of the brands that are behind these pages. As administrators of a blog we can take advantage of this tool a lot to gain visibility and get our site to reach a popularity that it could not reach with normal positioning tools.

Social bookmarks work as a content social network , where all users can access your bookmarks, so if you want to give visibility to an article on your blog, it can be an excellent tool to do so.

The best way to get our content to be disseminated through social bookmarks is to optimize it to the maximum. There are many things we can do to achieve this goal.

1. Save content. By archiving content personally or publicly, you can share it with other users quickly and efficiently.

2. Label correctly to classify the links. Through keywords you can get your content to appear in searches easily.

3. Link from your blog. Through a button, with your lists, so that your readers can easily access them. In WordPress there is, in fact, a specific plugin.

Why use social bookmarking?

Social bookmarks can have many uses, one of them could be to know which topics are most popular , to find out what the opinion of your audience is and let your creativity fly to work on creating new content . You can know what people are talking about and how to keep up to date with the content of your niche.

Social bookmarks allow us not only to have a series of content that interests us at hand, but also to know the opinion of other people who are thinking and working on the same thing. It is an easy way to be part of a community interested in the same niche. By having certain sites on our social bookmarks, we will be notified when there is new related content available on that network. As a community manager, this can be of great help to us because our content will get views thanks to being included in various social bookmarks.

With social bookmarking, companies can find and save relevant content and share it with their community, and it is an ideal way to recommend content, and by recommending, to be recommended.

While the main purpose of social bookmarking is to organize and manage content so that you can share it with your friends quickly and efficiently, it also has a practical function for your SEO content strategy . A good use of this tool is to place your content on public lists so that they can be viewed by a large audience, thus increasing the authority of your site , one of the fundamental goals in the digital territory.

Thanks to the visibility and presence of our content in public lists, you can greatly improve your positioning in search engines, which will directly affect organic traffic (that which arrives cleanly, without the need for advertising strategies and the like).

Among the advantages of using social bookmarks, it should not be forgotten that they collaborate very positively with search engine positioning and the visibility of our brand.

Among the incredible benefits of working with social bookmarking are the following.

1. Get more organic traffic

By organizing your content with tags and keywords you will get many users to see it and come to your site, thus getting more views from people really interested in the topic of your blog; Among the many occasional readers who do come, many of them will do it to stay, so you can increase the stable traffic to your site in the long term.

2. Index your site quickly

Something important that you should know is that the search engine algorithms give priority to the content that appears listed in social bookmarks, considering it more reliable (this is because many people have spontaneously marked those pages as important or recommendable), This will therefore help you a lot to quickly index your site.

3. Boost the visibility of your brand

By incorporating your content in a social bookmark, you increase the chances that a wide audience will access it. Thanks to bookmarks, you can get your blog to get more visits, which means an increase in the visibility of your brand. Simple, right?

Top 10 Social Bookmarks to Increase Your Traffic

There are many online platforms to collect your social bookmarks. Learning how to use the most important ones can be a great help to improve your visibility. We tell you which are the most popular social bookmarking platforms.

There are many social bookmarks in Spanish , most of them on social networks.

For many, Twitter is one of the most interesting and valuable social bookmarks; This is due to the fact that, as it is linked to one of the social networks with the highest international traffic, the pages that are listed in its bookmarks tend to have a very high chance of becoming popular. Every time someone “likes” or “retweets” your pages or bookmarks them, it helps you improve your visibility and, in the long run, this will increase your authority. Getting the most out of this social network is at your fingertips for free and unlimited.

Pinterest is a social network that also has a very powerful bookmark, because it allows users to consult the lists before making purchase decisions. In fact, more than half of the users of this network use public social bookmarks to get the opinion of others before making any purchase. It can therefore be another fundamental tool to position yourself.

LinkedIn is another of the tools used in content marketing. As a social bookmark it is extremely useful and given the large number of users who take advantage of it, it is surely a fabulous advertising platform. If you want to have more visibility and build your brand.

Stumbleupon is one of the most used social bookmarks in Anglo-Saxon countries; This is due to the fact that it allows gathering a large number of pages in English, classified by theme and format; which can allow you to access the content in a very simple way.

Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarks for some time now. With this service you can save pages and organize them in the way you like best. It can be extremely interesting to know what type of content is most successful at all times; because it allows us to filter the bookmarked pages based on their popularity, tags and other specific filters.

Digg is a great social bookmark if you are into science and technology. It is a website that allows you to easily manage blogging, social bookmarks and other navigation elements for sites linked to the technology niche. Without a doubt, it can be a fabulous way to make yourself known in a specific and specialized environment.

On Reddit, popularity is achieved by dint of points. The more points you get on your shared pages, the more chances you have to appear on the front page. But this is not all, it also has a social bookmarking tool, where you can save videos, articles and any type of content so that it can be seen and received the votes of other users interested in the same topics. In this way, a long list of positively valued content is created and you can get great visibility.

A site to share news. This is how we could define Slashdot . Users submit their proposals with links and are listed on this site, which allows other users to view such content. It can be a fabulous tool to make our blog content visible and as a social bookmark.

Today many people use Newsvine to boost the visibility of their site. It is a space in which to share journalistic news to share information and opinions with other users. As a social marker it has reached great importance in recent years.

Through Scoop you can share your content and give your brand visibility in front of thousands of users. It is a natural way to get traffic to your site. Without a doubt, it is a good social bookmark to share your articles with people from all over the world interested in your same niche.


By now you probably already know that creating content on our site but not focusing on giving it visibility through the networks and other tools at our disposal is to miss the opportunity to get visibility and organic traffic. Through social bookmarking you can change this reality.

The social bookmarking can help improve organic traffic to your site while planning your content to manage it in your everyday different platforms. Keep in mind that they will help you a lot to speed up the entry of readers on your site.

Now, you must make sure to create quality content because this way you will have a better chance of being added to the social bookmarks of many users.

As you will see, it is not complicated. Social bookmarking is obviously a fabulous tool to improve our site traffic , so if you weren’t using them in your marketing strategy until now, it’s about time you did.

Was this article with examples of social bookmarking interested you ? Any questions you have, share it with us and we will try to help you solve it.