KPIs are performance keywords that determine the value of information to achieve measurement that demonstrates how effective the publication or launched campaign is based on your key business objectives to evaluate the proximity of the achievement of the goals.

To have an exact result you must choose the ideal metrics according to the area of ​​your company. For example, there are KPIs for social media, ecommerce, finance, SEO, SEM, email marketing, and more.

The most important KPIs in SEO work to:

  • ↪ Stay defined and quantifiable
  • ↪ Engage messages with the organization 
  • ↪ Measure objectives
  • ↪ Achieve business goals

Why are KPIs important?

If you want to achieve goals and meet business objectives, it is important to measure the rate of growth and analyze the most effective strategies. 

As we mentioned earlier there are various KPIs in SEO and website marketing. These work for the following: 

  • ↪ Monitor the effectiveness of the business plan: For this, it is essential that you choose the best KPIs to determine how the business is growing. 
  • ↪ Measure growth over time : Establishing KPIs helps the business monitor growth at different stages and periods. 
  • ↪ Make adjustments: Having indicators will help to know if the silver business strategies are effective and it is optimal to continue with them or change them. 
  • ↪ Detect problems : Raising KPIs and executing them will give you a broad vision of the factors that harm and benefit, in order to propose solutions. 
  • ↪ Analyze time stages: By analyzing the KPIs you will be able to find patterns in number that will allow opportunities for improvement and growth in different aspects. 

In other words, KPIs are important for 5 reasons ; These help to monitor the status or performance of the organization, measure progress, analyze time patterns, make favorable adjustments, solve problems and raise opportunities for improvement. 

How to track SEO KPIs? 

The measurement will depend on the metric you decide to use, some effective tools for measurement are Google Analytics and Google Search Console , since they are effective because they are Google’s own evaluation.

What are the most important KPIs in the SEO of your website? 

This process will depend on the stage in which the customer is located and the sales funnel, this will lead you to evaluate if what you want to achieve is to publicize a product or generate sales and potential customers. 

KPIs in the awareness phase

 Here the function of the metrics is to publicize the brand through an organic search and show the percentage of how many people know it and can remember it.

Increase or climb in search engine positions

Climbing positions in the Google ladder gives you knowledge about the effectiveness of SEO applied, for that reason the more positioned you are in the engines, the more users will be able to access your site. If you apply SEO to keyword searches, you will know that successful campaigns use many keywords to cover all searches made for specific reasons. This applies to getting organic traffic. 

Organic traffic growth rate

The main goal to get more traffic on the website is through the visits to the website. That is why by knowing the KPIs and evaluating SEO performance, you will know what the related patterns and metrics are. In this way, you will be able to know what generates visits and which is the best publication with the highest number of permanent users. 

Branded and non-branded traffic

At this point you should know that both are different, in the first case the user digitizes the name of your company in the search engine and in the second it arrives by reference to a general search. With the metrics you will be able to know which of the two is the one that has the most use in the search engine’s responses. 

Visibility in search engines

This factor is responsible for measuring the performance of the web in search positions, giving you a vision of the results by clicks and page opening by users. Remember that the more visibility you get by the position in the Google list, the more visitors your website will have. 

Click rate

The percentage rate is concentrated in the number of people who go to your website by means of a click, by evaluating these metrics you will know if the content published from the SERPs is effective. 

Referral traffic

This consists of linking external pages with yours in order to optimize your website because the search engine takes the incoming links as a determining factor in the ranking. In other words, referral traffic is those people who come to your website through a link referral on another page, this will help to know if the link building strategy is working. 

Loading speed

This metric is responsible for verifying how long it takes to load your website, allowing it to be an opportunity or a disadvantage for SEO and the user experience, within it the availability in the mobile version must be taken into account with affinity. 

KPIS in the step of engagement

Within this stage in the application of KPIs you will be able to know how much users interact with the content of the site, because it is important that they not only visit the web, but also that there is an exchange of actions, that is, interaction through it. In this way, you will be able to know if the information or content provided is interesting and generates greater expectations than a visit. 

Bounce rate

This section deals with the result that the user makes when entering the page, that is, if they take any action or leave without taking them. Within this metric you will be able to know if the content responds to the wishes and / or needs or they withdraw frustrated because the loading time is long or it is difficult to navigate the site. 

Stay time

This SEO metric is vital to know how long users stay on your website, interact, explore and analyze the structure of the page. As in the previous indicators, here it also focuses on the quality and satisfaction of the user with the content, since by providing what they need, the time spent will be greater than expected. 

KPIs in the lead generation process

Organic traffic

It is the flow of visitors on the web who have managed to satisfy some personal goal, for this, the conversion with other channels must be analyzed. If in this case the rate is low, it will depend on how focused the campaign is on the lead generation process, perhaps it will depend on the focus of the keywords with the purchase intention. 

Organic leads

This metric is responsible for measuring the increase in potential customers through organic website traffic, this will depend on the positions in search engines and users with response.

Conversion metrics

These metrics work to determine the scope of the percentage of leads that you get through the SEO strategy, in other words organic traffic.


This KPI is determined by the number of transactions obtained in organic traffic, that is, the sales made. By analyzing them you will be able to know if the actions carried out are generating sales. 

Ecommerce conversion rate

This factor determines the purchase actions of an online store and the purchase intention of the users who land on the website.


This anticipated return on investment is what you project by implementation and allows you to know the real results when you achieved the objectives of the SEO campaign.