A recent report from Backlinko shows how users use Google searches . To do this, they analyzed 1,801 sessions and interactions with the SERPs. The investigation reveals the following data:

  • • Number of clicks on ads vs number of clicks on organic results
  • • Percentage of clicks that lead to videos, online stores, local and ecommerce
  • • Estimated search time per user
  • • Number of users reaching the bottom of the first page

What is the behavior of users on Google?

☛ In 23% of the cases, users clicked on Google’s suggestion (autocomplete) when typing in their query. But this happens more frequently in informational searches, than commercial ones. 

☛ In 50% of cases, users click on a result after 9 seconds of searching.

☛  Only 9% of users finish the first page of searches.

☛ Only 15% of users change their key terms when doing a Google search. This is a clear sign that Google is increasingly accurate in the results it offers to users.

☛ 59% of the surveyed users visit only one page. And 6% review three or four results.

☛ Only 44% check the second page of results in Google.

☛ Only 19% of users click on the ads. 

☛ Only in 3% of the cases was there interaction with the box “people also ask”.

☛  The search session lasts around 76 seconds to complete and contrary to this, half of the searches finish in 53 seconds. 

How was the research done on user searches on Google?

Backlinko chose 454 people who use the Google search engine to perform tasks and asked them to make the following queries:

Commercial category (products): It was first proposed that the user find a cell phone holder for car, specifically for a Ford F-150 truck that costs less than $ 20.

Business Category (Service):  They were instructed to find an airline credit card that offers approximately 20,000 miles to new cardholders in the first year.

Business category (service # 2): Find a credit card with no annual fee and an interest rate of less than 25%. 

Local: Search for a local auto accident attorney. 

Informative: Finding the best video on how to get a haircut.

Informational: Finding the best way to shop online within the local area at no additional charge. 

Transactional : Finding Supplements That Relieve Low Back Pain.

Within this investigation, the screens of the users were recorded while they remained in the search time, a result of each video was obtained individually. The research was completed with 259 users (1,801 search sessions) with a total duration of video recording of 2226 minutes; that is 38 hours.