Digitization has also carved a niche for business trips . Traditional travel management for a team of employees and its planning entails several difficulties that can be solved with the use of a good platform. Do you sign up to manage it with digital tools?

When it comes to preparing business trips, travel planning and management becomes a veritable gincana of paperwork that requires time, difficult to find on a day-to-day basis. So it is common to turn to business travel agencies to help companies manage reservations for flights, hotels and means of transport with more agility. But there is another option for business travelers that you may not have thought of: a digital travel management platform to plan and monitor the entire reservation process in a simpler way.

The step towards simplification in the task of managing business travel is digitization . We describe the 4 main advantages that you will get if you start using digital platforms for business travel management .

1. Simplification in the process

Very often, the usual management of a trip for a team of employees translates into the sending of successive emails that start, confirm and end a travel request. Time and process control that are lost among so many messages. It is also likely that you do not have all the necessary information to check if the accommodation, transport and diets options are the most competitive on the market. Difficult to verify if not everything is in order, right? 

The simplification in the reservation process can offer you speed and control in the consultation and comparison of all the transport and accommodation options , something that allows you to obtain savings in terms of the reservations you had planned. In addition, by self-managing the process, the business traveler gains freedom, autonomy and efficiency thanks to the use of a platform.

2. Cheaper business trips

The travel policy of each company sets a series of standards that each team must meet. It is often difficult to stick with them efficiently and comfortably, and try not to go over budget. The limitation of travel policies does not favor that travel managers can respect it, especially because the rates change continuously.

With most digital business travel platforms , you can access up-to-date information at all times , some even offer the possibility of defining policies that adapt to real-time rate information and corporate budgets. It’s the easiest way to stay on budget without fear of assuming price variables.

3. More awareness in spending

It is common for a business traveler to be unaware of the impact that travel expenses can have on the company’s finances . It is known, according to Expedia, that 91% of small business travelers spend more on lodging, meals and room service than on their personal budget. Here different interests are observed between employers and employees.

With this starting context, digital solutions are a good method to help employees and business travelers to control travel budgets and policies efficiently.

4. Data to optimize your expense management

On a day-to-day basis , control of travel management finances is difficult to cope with . Having access to data can help improve expense management processes and optimize them . A good digital platform also generates data with metrics that serve to compare, control and measure flight reservation costs , charges not announced in advance, frequency of trips per employee, frequency of hotel accommodation and more useful data for your company’s finances . You will configure a database that can benefit you to negotiate better agreements with the airlines or hotels most used by business travelers in your company .