Graphic design apps are tools that allow you to create almost any idea that comes to mind. Through its possibilities we will give shape and image to all kinds of shapes and objects, from a simple photograph to a collage, a video, to a web page …

That said, do you think we start to get to know this world a little better? Next, you will discover what the best apps for graphic design look like on various operating systems.

The 10 best design apps for Windows

We start with the best graphic design apps for Windows , the most common and most used OS in the world. Write down these 10 tools and add some bonus tracks that we think will be very useful for you.

01. Adobe Photoshop

Probably the most famous of all graphic design tools. It allows optimizing, adding texts and motifs, retouching multiple parameters such as focus or lighting and, in short, it facilitates almost any possibility that we can imagine.

02. Adobe Illustrator

We continue in the Adobe environment to know now the famous Illustrator. If you are looking for an app for vector graphic design, this is the best known and the one that will offer you a number of more than remarkable possibilities for all kinds of creations.

03. Affinity Designer

Affinity is another name strongly associated with online graphic design apps and tools in the form of downloadable and installable software. In this case, if you bet on it, you get a great team that stands out for its fluidity and for the many desktop publishing proposals it offers.

04. Affinity Photo

If Designer was interesting as a graphic design app, Affinity also did a great job with Photo, a super complete photo editor that also offers full integration into Windows environments. And, if you prefer, it is also available on iOS and Mac.

05. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Perhaps the most complete of tools. As for an app for graphic design in Windows, this suite offers varied software that in its last update added:

  • AfterShot 3 HDR.
  • PowerTrace.
  • Corel Font Manager.
  • Corel Photo-Paint.
  • CorelDRAW.

Does anyone give more?

06. Adobe InDesign

Another great option that offers interesting layout and design tools for Windows desktop, and also for digital. It shows a good number of templates thanks to its access to Adobe Stock and adds improvements in stability, in the quick project creation process, in free tutorials and updates and in the Open Type function.

07. Affinity Publisher

A graphic design app that is part of the Affinity line, which we have already talked about, to which is added the already mentioned Photo and Designer. In this case, the version for Windows developed by Serif shows notable benefits such as the sharing of text styles, the improvement in the project rush and the automatic numbering of the pages to clarify which document we are with.

08. Adobe XD

We return to the prestigious brand for creating graphic design apps for Windows and other operating systems to talk about Adobe XD, a great tool for designing prototypes thanks to its powerful add-ons for vector graphics editing. In this case it is usually a must have, that is, you have to have it yes or yes if you are a professional.

09. Photoshop Elements

Designed and enhanced thanks to the technology provided by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence , this app facilitates the creation, organization and sharing of photos that, in addition, is compatible with various types of cameras, facilitating mobile editing and HDR capture with quick access from the app to the camera and vice versa.

10. Inkscape

We now turn to another excellent graphic design app. It is a great professional editor for working with vector graphics. It also has a version for Linux and even macOS, if you need it, and it offers a series of quite remarkable possibilities for creating and editing all kinds of images.

11. Canva

Having seen the 10 best apps for graphic design in Windows, and since some interesting ones have remained in the pipeline, we are going with a series of bonus tracks that you will surely love.

We start these bonuses with another must have. This is Canva, a magnificent app full of graphic design tools that, in addition to being simplified, provides easy-to-use software that will be extremely useful for both professionals and amateurs. In addition, it has a huge library with more than 5 million fonts, graphics and vectors .

12. Pixlr

We continue with another of the most interesting software for graphic design in Windows. The set of tools it provides for image editing is cloud-based, including photo-sharing services. A suite that, although it is intended for amateurs, is also useful for professionals, especially in its most advanced version.

13. Gravit Designer

We finish our tour of the best design apps for Windows with a versatile suite that provides all the key tools for professionals and people with a certain advanced level to find the best image and photo editing solutions.

The 8 best design apps for Android

We are done with Windows, and now we move on to the little green robot. Do you like working with your smartphone? So, take note, because you will find a good number of graphic design apps on Android to work at full capacity with your mobile phone from any corner of the world.

Infinite Design

We start our review of graphic design apps for Android with an excellent suite that surprises for its stability and for the speed and simplicity with which you can work on it. The user will be able to edit images using simple tools such as rotations or zooms, or complex ones for collages and others.


We are going with an app designed by an independent company that dares to compete face to face with the greats of graphic design. It offers excellent tools for editing and drawing, achieving surprising concepts, sketches and expressiveness for all tastes and levels of experience.

Adobe Capture CC

This is an app for graphic design on Android capable of converting a photo into any theme, either by color, by vector graphics, by the look you want to give it, etc. It offers a special and unique brush that allows the user to expand all the creativity of which they are capable.

Adobe Comp

We continue with the Adobe family, the great creators of apps for online or mobile graphic design, with an excellent tool for its precision to draw naturally, as if there were no screen in between. It offers a huge library of images and one of the most intuitive drawing formulas on the market.

Tayasui Sketches Lite

We know another graphic design tool for Android that greatly facilitates the author’s work thanks to its gradients and gradients, the ease of drawing intuitively and, above all, the enormous capacity to make mixes, blends and color bends with results fantastic.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch & Photoshop Mix

Very interesting software available on Android’s Google Play that is guaranteed by Adobe, which already ensures quality. This mini version of Photoshop offers interesting tools such as markers, pencils, acrylics, color dilutions and everything you need for an artistic work with the guarantee of the most important company in the world of graphic design.


Play another fantastic graphic design app on Android with an incredible number of brushes, more than 80 . Turning your smartphone screen into a sketchpad is easy with a tool that offers fills, eraser, smudge, and more to achieve incredible results.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

We close the ranking of graphic design applications for Android with Adobe and with an app that won the Tabby Award and the PlayStore’s Editor’s Choice thanks to its ease of editing, the many creation options and the vector illustrations that can be easily separated by layers.

The 12 best design apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Mac)

We are finally going with graphic design apps for iOS and macOS, both for iPhone and iPad or Mac, so that Apple users also know which tools they are going to enjoy the most to create from scratch, to give new life to your photos, etc.

1. Sketch’em

We start the list with an iPhone graphic design app that is a real challenge for any designer. An ideal tool also for beginners who aspire to be artistically good thanks to its quality tutorials and, of course, the many functions such as pencils, smudges, layering, gradients, etc.

2. AutoCAD 360

This app for graphic design also available for Windows in addition to macOS and iOS is one of the most interesting of how many can be used today. It is extremely simple to use, very intuitive, with a large number of tools for drawing or editing images with no limits other than your own imagination.

3. Sketchbook Pro

Not long ago we talked about this app, and now we recommend its most powerful version , the professional one. If you are an expert in graphic design , this is the tool you need. It is multi-platform, and it comes combined with fantastic elements to illustrate and paint, enjoying a software powered by a fantastic interface that is not only beautiful, it is also very intuitive .

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

We’ve already talked at length in this article about Adobe and its great products. A suite from this company ensures that your Mac, your iPad or your iPhone, or any other operating system, has all the necessary tools to design, to draw, to paint, to work with images and photographs, to create with vectors and to use in different layers, etc.

5. Adobe Photoshop Mix

We continue with a new Adobe graphic design app specially designed for Apple operating systems with a truly remarkable range of options and possibilities. Color changes, cuts and blends, collages, layered work, gradients and outlines… Think what you want to do and do it with this outstanding software full of possibilities.

6. Behance

More than an app for graphic design on iPhone or Mac or iPad, we can say that Behance is a network of sites that Adobe provides for the self-promotion of graphic artists. However, we can also find tools in it because the brand and design company provides very complete suites with all their tools for work, both amateur and professional.

7. Coolors

Its own name indicates it. Although as an app for graphic design it provides certain tools to work with them, its main function is to provide the best color combinations to obtain true jewels for every artist, whether expert or amateur. It can be interpreted as a good starting point to work with other software and achieve excellent results.

8. Assembly

It is translated as an assembly and, more than as an app for graphic design on iOS and macOS, it is also understood as a collection of files and archives to work with later. All this with a revolutionary vector-based tool that makes it easy to achieve high-quality work in half the time it takes with other applications.

9. Adobe Comp CC

You have already seen the importance of Adobe in the creation of graphic design apps. In this case, it offers a product focused on layout, diagrams and sketches . This software allows you to transform any element into a sharp graphic using simple and intuitive tools such as markers, pencils, shaders, transformers, etc.

10. Canva

We can also enjoy on a Mac or on an iPad or iPhone this great tool, guarantee of satisfaction with multiple options for resizing, animation, creating folders and editing images, which also contains thousands of photographs, drawings and templates to invent fonts. , vectors and others with a simple drag and drop system at the time of work. It is not surprising that a quarter of a million companies have opted for its professional use.

11. Pantone Studio

Another magnificent app for graphic design that allows you to invent your own color palettes to create your tests and trials . To this is added a rather simple but complete handling and a plethora of possibilities so that both the professional creator and the amateur can unleash their imagination.

12. Bazaart

We finish our tour of graphic design apps for iOS and macOS with this one that is considered one of the most interesting due to the ease of creating collages and the amount of design and art tools that accompany it. If you like to edit photography, here you will find professional software with many carats for your exclusive use and enjoyment.

Among this long journey, you will surely find the app for graphic design that you are looking for. You have been able to verify that the operating system does not matter, since they all have software that will allow you to develop your creativity and your art in simple steps.

If you are looking for the best app for graphic design, this is our TOP 10 with the best ones for Windows, Android and iOS along with their bonus tracks. Now, our recommendation is that you take it easy and test one by one according to the OS you are using on a regular basis. So you can discover the secrets of each of them until you find the one that you really handle with ease, intuition, elegance and remarkable enjoyment.