APK sites offer Android Application Package (APK) file downloads for various Android applications. APK files are installation packages for Android applications, just as EXE files are installation packages for Windows software. These files can be manually downloaded and installed on your Android device, which can be useful for several reasons.

Are you one of those who don’t have any idea which APK file is safe? Well, worry not; we have listed a few of the best and fastest APK files you can download without paying a single penny. Below are the most used and user-trusted APK files.

  • Aptoide

Aptoide APK is an alternative Android market that provides many apps and games, including those that may not be available on the Google Play Store. It is free to download and use. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find, download and manage apps. With over 1 billion users and millions of apps, it has become a popular choice for Android users worldwide.

Aptoid Store is the best and one of the most popular sites to download the Premium APK file for free. Users can get free paid applications free from this store. It is one of the best options to be used as a Google Play Store alternative. This app is available on Android TV, smartphones, tablets and more. It is one of the oldest stores available on Android. It has unique features like a built-in APK scanner, a simple and easy interface and easy distribution of cracked apps.

  • Revdl

Revdl is among the highest sites for downloading Android or paid cracking applications. The site allows users to download all paid Android applications for free. They hosted the site using Blogspot and a complete data server on a cloud hosting server. Users can download the hacked apps directly from this website without any problem. 

If the website is not working, you can access the website using any free VPN available on Play Store because most websites get blocked periodically. Any app or game can be downloaded for free from Revdl, and direct links are available to download the files.

  • APK Pure 

APK Pure is another best-hacked app site and one of the safest to use. It does not contain virus threats. This site is very popular and one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. Users can find any application here and also choose different versions. There are many apps and games in APK mashup. Users can use it to search for their favourite applications.

This app has completely different features compared to other APK apps; it has a QR code service for every application to be downloaded, a secure line for download with less spam, and a wide variety of apps with their old versions.

  • Apk4Free

This application also helps users to get premium versions of Android apps. To name a few, Google search proves Android app piracy’s vulnerability. There may be many sites, but Apk4free has been around for a long time. So users won’t have any problem getting the latest updated apps.

It provides various features as the premium or paid Android applications are available for free, the user interface is easy and simple to use, and the help section is available if the user ever gets difficulty downloading an application.

  • IHackedIt.com

Ihackedit.com is one the best Android game download source available to users for free. They specialize in Android hacking and have been releasing iOS hacking apps as well as games since 2010. Users can also check this website to download hacked and modded applications.

This is one of the easiest sites to find many popular APK files online that are easy to download for free. So users don’t have to spend or waste their money buying or purchasing any app available in the store. IHackedIT allows users to view the most popular APK files online and allows users to download them for free easily. On this page, you can find the best premium APK for paid or unpaid Android apps. IHackedIt.com is very popular all over the world because it has various mod apk applications, including Android games, IOS, Xbox games, PS3, PS4, PC etc.


In conclusion, while there are many risks associated with using APK sites, it has many advantages too. They offer a vast collection of apps and games, some of which may not be available on many official app stores. These sites can also provide users access to beta versions of apps and new features that even the original app does not have in the app store. Also, APK sites provide most or all of the premium apps for free, which is a great way to save money for a user.