Hunter x Hunter is the best Japanese manga series in which Alicia Freecss had played the role of Hunter as the mother of hunter Gon, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. It is one of the movie franchises whose script was well written, but the show has never gained the same notoriety as Shanon. This is a very strange thing because this show is the most bizarre of all manga series. On this show, there was a hiatus ending, which got attention from everyone, and it broke the internet a week ago. The series follows all the ideas and tropes but does its best. The show’s star, Gon, and his real mother are all about the hype of the show.

Who is Alicia Freecss?

Alicia Freecss has beautiful white Hair; her father is a transmuter. But the notable thing here is that Alicia Freecs sexuality and her father’s reincarnation have not been matched, and both don’t look that similar. They both don’t look the same and don’t coincide. In the whole Hunter × Hunter anime series, her sexuality is very well portrayed throughout the season, and it is represented very well throughout the series.

In the series, the fans are wondering about other characters, too; it is none other than Neferpitou, a dude in the manga series. Also, Togashi clarifies that Pitou is a male. Togashi’s reincarnation made her a vampire and caused her to become a strong phantom throughout the whole series. Togashi is the one who does magical things and creates the auras with lightning. She is also the one who fought alongside Gon and Pituo, and they are both very powerful.

Is Alicia Freecss, mother of Gon?

Alicia Freecss is the real-life birth mother of beginner hunter Gon Freecs. Alicia met Ging shortly after Gon became the hunter, and after their meet-up, they both traveled to the dark continent together. This is why, when Alicia Freecss died, Ging blamed himself for her death. He blamed himself for not saving her.

When talking about Leoria, he is such a tall and muscular man. He had dark brown eyes and dark black Hair. He grew his Hair as a spike, which is cut like a crew. He looks like a young man, but in the first episode, he looks like a teenager. His age was still unknown, his characters were not mentioned on the official anime website, and he still looked like a mystery guy with mystery things.

About Alicia Freecss’s father

Alicia Freecss is a great warrior hunter who died when she was in search of the dark continent. Her husband, Ging, met Alicia Freecss shortly after Alicia became a war hunter. They both get intimate, and she becomes pregnant on the dark continent and gives birth to her son, Gon. Ging was a warrior hunter who separated Alicia Freecss and Gon on the dark continent.

While talking about Alicia’s father, he is also a warrior hunter, and because of him, he has the ability to do things like a hunter. Her father gave her the ability to copy and fight against the offensive capabilities of Nen. Also, Krueger, who is currently present in Chimera, trained Gon and Killua. In the series, Killua’s aura is transformed, and her Nen type is transformed. So, her aura is transforming her into electricity.

Ging has no associates other than his family members. He was always obsessed with Gon, but when Gon grew up, the reason became unclear—whether he was attached to him or his mother, Alicia Freecss.

What is the story of the Hunter x Hunter manga series? 

If you know the Hunter x Hunter manga series, you will know about Gon. When you watch this series, you get curious about who Gon’s real mother is.

The story plot is that the hero Gon and his mother both meet on a dark continent. They both used to travel to the continent together. In the sudden event that Alicia died, unfortunately, Ging blamed himself for not saving her from the incident. Ging is the father of Gon. Alicia and Ging live on the dark continent; she got pregnant, and Gon was born on the dark continent.

This story has many complex histories, and it is a very popular story all the time, but the complication in the characters confused the audience while watching the show.

Even though Gon was the son of Alicia, he became the protagonist because he got killed by his mother, Alicia. Alicia had a love interest in her child, but unfortunately, she was disenchanted with the character.

When the romance between Alicia and Ging never ends and becomes more romantic, rest in the Hunter-Hunter history all the time. The storyline never gets resolved because the character Alicia Freecss is actually her daughter.

Mito always seemed to be a caregiver to Gon since he was a baby boy; at first, he was initially against him for becoming the hunter, but after a few days, she took part, accepted his fate, and made the decision to become a hunter herself. Mito always looks patient; he is a very understanding boy, but he makes it difficult to see Gon’s faults in her. These rivalries and moments happened in season 1.

In season 2 of this series, Gon returns to Whale Island from the dark continent. When he returns to the island, he sees his mother, Alicia Freecss, and they are both reunited again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Is Gon’s mother a hunter?

Alivia Freecss is the birth mother of Gon, who is the hunter. This is the truth revealed throughout the season: Gon was born on the dark continent at the same time, Alicia Freecss was a hunter on the dark continent. She doesn’t want to be a normal mother, but she is a very adventurous woman.

  • How did Alicia Freecss die?

Alicia Freecss died on the dark continent due to an unspecified incident. When Alicia Freecss and her husband were on the dark continent, she died while exploring the dark continent.

  • Who are Gon’s biological mother and father?

The hunter warrior on the dark continent whose Hair is white is the biological mother of Gon. Her name is Alicia Freecss, and she got her hunting skills from her father. When Alicia Freecss met Ging on the dark continent, they got so close that Alica gave birth to a son named Gon. So, Alicia Freecss and Ging will be the biological mother and father of Gon.

  • Did Gon meet Alicia Freecss?

Gon met her biological mother, Alica Freecss, on Whale Island; they both met on the island and got reunited.

  • Who separated Alicia Freecss and Gon?

Gon’s biological father, Ging, who is a very complex man, separated Alicia from him and his son.

  • Alicia Freecss or Mito, who is Gon’s mother?

Alicia Freecss is the daughter of Netero, who is also a hunter, so she got her hunting skills from her father and became a hunter on the dark continent. While she was a hunter, she met Ging on the dark continent. They got too close, and she gave birth to Gon. But Ging separated Alica and Gon, and after many years, Ging married Mito. When Gon listened to her father’s tape recorder, he didn’t listen to it Fully and thought Mito was his mother, but Alicia Freecss was his original birth mother, which was revealed in the new episodes.

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