The management of your online store is something you should take seriously. Did you know that to be successful in the virtual market it is essential to have a strategy and work on it convincingly? Indeed, the planning and implementation of our program supports the destiny of our business.

In this article we will tell you some things that you should keep in mind when managing your online store. Also, if you want to become a good eCommerce manager , you will also find in this text some tips that you could put into practice in your professional development.

How to manage an online store? Aspects that we must monitor

Many people with very few notions of how digital commerce works and the requirements for managing an online store set up their business on the Internet and fail. And it is that taking off in this world is not something easy. Because, although running an online store is not that different than selling in a physical store, it does pose certain different challenges, which should be worked on carefully.

In principle, what you should know is that in order to manage your online store well, you must be clear about how to move in the market you have chosen. To do this, a thorough investigation of how the digital market works will be of great help to raise your business idea. Once you know how this type of business is managed, you can get down to work to launch yourself efficiently into the virtual market.

Although maintaining an online store is not something that appears to be very complicated, making the right decisions can help us not to jump into the void. If you need to know how to manage your online store , then we are going to focus on the most important aspects that we must take care of in digital marketing.

But before we start, we want to leave you a tip. The first thing to do is register as a self-employed person; to be able to sell the products and invoice without incurring in illegalities.

And now, let’s move on to the five things you should not forget when setting up an online store.


The first thing to take into account in digital marketing is that you will need a space in which to host your virtual store, an accommodation in which to install billing software .

There are many hosting possibilities for virtual stores, where you can install Magento or Prestashop , or the programs that best suit your needs.

When hiring your accommodation you must take into account the benefits that they offer you where, the bandwidth and the space available to host your store, should be the most important points to analyze.

Web loading speed

Sites that take a long time to load tend to have far fewer visits and acceptance from users. Therefore, when setting up your virtual store you must pay special attention to the loading speed of the store .

We recommend looking for a hosting service that offers you good bandwidth, so that your store loads quickly and the purchase service for your products is fast and efficient.


In the digital business, planning is fundamental and one of the main issues, logistics, the way in which each of the links of our work will work.

As we would do in a physical store, in an online store it is essential that we keep a detailed inventory of everything that enters and leaves.

In this way, we will never run out of materials and our store will always run smoothly.

Customer Support

The attention to the customer is another issue that must take care as best eCommerce manager. To do this, the ideal is to enable a space for complaints and comments in our store. By now you will know that the best advertising is the one that our clients offer us.

Did you know that one of the reasons why many virtual stores do not provide this opinion space is to avoid negative comments? That’s how it is! But there is a very simple solution to this problem: provide impeccable service.

Treating customers closely, trying to be attentive to their needs and answering their questions, will help you fill your virtual store with positive comments.

Web Analytics

Finally, another fundamental aspect for your online store to be successful is working with solid positioning strategies.

To do this, you must be up to date with everything that happens in the niche, analyze the results of your page, the things that most interest users, the things that less, and work to improve your service.

In this way, little by little, you will advance and position your store in a forceful way, which may lead to sales skyrocketing. Doesn’t it seem so complicated?

What is an eCommerce manager and what is their role in managing an online store?

Here are some tips for managing sales and commercial spaces online . You should bear in mind that, depending on the type of products you sell or the ecommerce platform you use, you will have to adjust these tips to your needs to be successful in your digital business.

In order to define the work of the virtual store manager (eCommerce manager) we must first determine what we are talking about when we talk about eCommerce.

This concept brings together all transactions related to buying and selling in a virtual environment , that is, buying, selling, and everything related to marketing and the distribution of information about products and services offered over the Internet.

The eCommerce manager , then, is a person who is in charge of developing a company’s sales strategy and outlining the steps to follow for the evolution of the virtual business.

Responsibilities of the manager of a virtual store: What do they do?

The functions of the eCommerce manager are many, and they range from planning to carrying out specific digital marketing tasks that are used to maintain an online store.

A content manager must establish a pleasant relationship with the potential buyer and be at their disposal to resolve any questions or inconveniences that arise during the commercial transaction.

You must manage the virtual store through the programs established for it. This means that he will be in charge of uploading the images corresponding to the products and their descriptions, and checking that everything works correctly.

On the other hand, you must manage direct and indirect sales campaigns and create content that responds to the keywords of the store, in order to properly position the store.

An eCommerce manager must also manage the company’s social networks , to attract potential customers through them. Likewise, it will prepare and send the emailing and remarketing campaigns, so that the reach of the store increases.

And these are the most important functions but, depending on the company that the manager represents, their responsibilities may vary.

What skills does an eCommerce manager need?

In order to perform correctly as an eCommerce manager, not only do you need a certain capacity for business, as would happen in a physical store, but also specific skills to perform in the virtual environment.

An eCommerce manager must be a person with great ability to organize, plan and implement what is proposed within a company.

A virtual store manager must know the digital market in detail , in order to develop a sales plan that is adapted to the times we live in.

An eCommerce manager must have a great ability to work with virtual tools , so knowledge of technology will be essential to perform their work correctly.

In addition, an eCommerce manager must be clear that his responsibility is to carry out the business and for that he must be able to lead all the people involved in the commercial process .

So what does it take to become an online store manager?

We could say that the e-commerce sector is still very young. There is much to learn to do our job properly. The positive of this is that anyone, with a lot of desire and the right skills, can start in this world.

If you are a person with a clear mind and capable of analyzing the situation to propose new solutions to old problems , with a little work you can become an efficient eCommerce manager.

To become an online store manager, you must therefore prepare yourself to develop the detailed tasks. Both those related to the management of the store itself, as well as those that have to do with the visibility of the brand through an impeccable management of social networks . And this notably modifies the budget allocated to the person responsible for these functions.

If you want to get started in this beautiful trade, you should know that today there are many courses that will help you train and start working shortly. You have nothing to lose!


The salary of the eCommerce manager can vary, especially, according to experience.

In Spain the average salary of the ECommerce manager is usually around 47,000 euros per year. But it always depends on the tasks to be carried out in that context.

You should know that some brands outsource only some of the store manager’s own tasks; those related to network management and brand visibility.

Before proposing a budget, it is convenient that they detail the tasks that you will have to carry out to adjust it as best as possible to the needs of the company that wishes to hire you.


As you will see, designing an online store requires certain qualities from us and also a lot of effort; However, like everything in life, the better our predisposition and the more we work to improve our weaknesses, the more possibilities we have to move forward and establish a successful business.

If you are very green in this field, we recommend that you look for a commercial advisor, who will help you to better observe the market and advise you to make the best decisions for your business.

We hope that after reading this article you have a clearer idea about how to manage an online store , so if there is any doubt, we invite you to write to us to help you clarify it. ECommerce is a wide and varied world and it is impossible to cover all its aspects in a single article.