Social media is being used by everyone in today’s time. For this reason, the number of people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is increasing very fast. Almost all the people of the world are using social media platforms. Instagram is being used the most. As compared to other social media platforms, Instagram is very popular among all the people at this time. Apart from ordinary consumers, there are many companies, celebrities, and brands on Instagram. It is an emerging leading platform that is being used to grow the business and establish a network with the people.

With the growing online market, companies and brands have started working on this social media platform to increase their business network. For this reason, it has become an influential market. Many social media market companies and brands are available on Instagram for online marketing. Seeing this type of popularity, everyone is working to make their Instagram profile strong.

Increase Instagram Engagement

If you also want to do Instagram marketing by increasing engagement on your Instagram profile, then we are going to give you very good ideas. With the help of these ideas, you can increase your Instagram engagement.

●      Using targeted keywords instead of your name

Instagram username is an important way to make your identity. Your username should be unique as well as user-friendly. Also, you should use such a username that is similar to your target keyword or business. This will help you to attract the target audience towards you. For example, if someone searches about social media marketing services, then your username will reflect your business. In this way, users will be directly connected to your business.

●      Ideal Instagram Bio

The first impression is the last impression. The bio of your Instagram profile can serve to drive instagram engagement for you. It acts as your professional business card. That’s why you should make your Instagram bio special. Your Instagram bio should be in such a way that all the users who visit your profile follow you without wasting a second.

Most importantly, your Instagram bio should mention, What are you? What kind of service do you offer? After this, you can use nice symbols to highlight your services. Lastly, if you are working for a brand, company, or product, then you can also add the link to that brand or product.

●      Choose the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram profile picture serves to identify you. It tells who you are? And encourages people to stay connected for a long time. If you are working for yourself then you must put your photo on Instagram. On the contrary, if a brand or company is working to create an identity among the people on Instagram, then definitely you should use a good profile picture. You should put the logo of your brand or company as a profile picture and remember that your logo is customised. With this logo, it will be easy for users to recognize you and they will be able to connect with you easily.

●    Post consistently.

The most important thing to increase engagement on Instagram is to continuously post on Instagram. When you post continuously, you will continue to be visible among people so that more and more people like to join you. You can set a fixed time to post daily. You can do one or two posts daily at a given time.

By posting daily in this way, your presence among the people will continue to increase. You also have to keep in mind that the quality of the post should be good and it should look attractive.

●      Choose your category

You have to create your profile for a particular category. For this, you can select a particular category, and what type of content you want to make available to the people. This will benefit you in that you will be followed by people who are interested in your brand or work. For example, if you promote a clothing brand, then content related to the branding of your clothes should be made available.

●      Use Proper Tags

Tags play the most important role to increase engagement on Instagram. With the help of tags, you can directly target those people who are interested in your category. For this, you have to select the related tags. By using the right tags, you can increase engagement on your profile. For example, if your profession is singing then you should use tags of Songs, Lyrics, Singer, etc.

You can use your own brand name tag to stay connected with your followers for a long time. With this, you will also be able to add other people through your tag.

●      Always Use Good Feed

Instagram feed also plays an important role in increasing engagement. The Instagram feed tells what your posts are about and it is through the feed that people understand the information. Like if you are a brand then you should use a good feed with your post. In the feed, you should describe your brand or post in proper words. This makes people stay on your profile for a longer time and makes them curious to know more about you.

●      Social Media campaign

If you have selected a category about your brand or profile on Instagram and now you want to sell a product or service, then you can take the help of social media campaign. Social media campaigns directly target users who are interested in your profile. In this way, you can connect with more and more people through the campaign. The advantage of campaigns is that your profile gets engagement and at the same time the reach also increases.

●      Create Slide Posts

Whenever you post something, try to make it in carousel form. It is absolutely true that people like this type of post more. It is very attractive in appearance and comes with more slides. People prefer to view slide posts on Instagram rather than single posts. So you can do this method to increase Instagram engagement. One of the reasons for increasing engagement with this type of post is that people like to share as well as like such posts.

●      Create Reels

Now people do not use any other app to watch short videos. Ever since the option of reels has been given by Instagram, people have been using Instagram to see reels. Reels reach more people very quickly. This is a kind of short video which is available to watch in the reels section. If we talk about Instagram engagement and reach, most people connect to the profile through Reels.

You can grow your business on Instagram by making reels by editing good videos. You can use proper reel tags to get more reel views. Experiment with various free video editors to add a professional touch to your content and maximize its impact on your audience.

●      Social Media Marketing Company

Many people are unable to create engagement on Instagram and they do not have time to use social media. In this situation, social media marketing companies are available to work for them. You can hire marketing companies to handle your Instagram as well as other social media platforms. Before selecting a social media marketing company, it must be kept in mind what kind of social media marketing services it provides. At the same time, it must also be known that they are capable of making the engagement correctly.

If you search what social media companies are, then you will get to see almost thousands of social media marketing companies. You can also choose marketing companies from your local area. Apart from this, you can also choose marketing companies online.

●      Take advantage of the Instagram community

You can create a community for yourself by connecting with people related to your own business. For this, you can give your presence by commenting on the profile posts of other brands in your community. By doing comment and profile tag in this way, the chances of increasing your profile visitors increase.

●      Embrace Instagram Stories

Through Instagram Stories, you can stay connected with your followers for a long time. It acts as a notification. Whenever you upload a story, people are eager to see it. So you can add new stories daily. You can use special gifs, stickers, etc. to keep the stories fresh and attractive.

●      Increase Profile visit with Highlights

Highlights make your Instagram profile even more attractive. So you can create selected features for your Instagram profile. As you can show different products and services through Highlight. Apart from this, you can use symbols, quotes, and emoji symbols to make your highlight look attractive. You can also use highlight icons as per your choice.


Here we have told you the best ways to increase Instagram engagement. With these easy ways, you will be able to generate reach for doing Instagram Marketing. Since social media platforms are being used for business. Therefore, If you want to increase your business on Instagram and want to reach the business to more people, then you can follow these tips.

As Instagram is a leading platform for any business, it is very necessary to make profile engagement good. You just have to follow these steps.