Starting your business on the Internet is an important decision. You must work on your image, offer good customer service and promote your products properly. But, the result of all this is hours and hours of work that may not pay off if you don’t use the right tools. Maybe SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and terms like “usability” or “responsive” are familiar to you. However, have you already worked with email marketing?

Email marketing is an excellent tool, very powerful for your business and that will give you very good results in the conversion rate. To achieve this, you must know in depth how this tool works, how it will help you and some examples so that you can start working with it. Do you want to know more about email marketing and how to use it to your advantage? So, keep reading …

What is email marketing and how can you take advantage of it?

Email marketing is a tool that you can use to communicate with your customers . To achieve this, your main weapon will be the email through which you will send them news of interest (the launch of a new product, a news item in the newspaper about the benefits of what you sell …) or ask them to leave an opinion on one of the products they have bought or on the website itself. As you can see, the goal is to have communication and receive feedback.

Thanks to the evaluations you receive, you will discover what changes you have to make in order for your business to satisfy the needs of your customers. Also, you will know if you need to outline some aspects of your website or, they may even give you ideas so that they can feel happier. The opinions of your customers are very valuable , so do not forget them when using email marketing.

With this tool you can also offer your clients unique advantages, such as special discounts only for those who subscribe to your newsletter. Thus, you can take advantage of it to make them participate in a possible launch by allowing them to choose their characteristics, for example, size or color in the case of agendas. The interesting thing about email marketing is that your customers will feel cared for, listened to and that the products will respond to their needs.

However, to get the most out of this tool, don’t forget to create a content marketing strategy, measure the results instantly , personalize the emails you send and promote interaction. In this way, you will be able to take full advantage of all the possibilities that email marketing offers you.

Why is email marketing important?

Now you know what email marketing is and some options to take advantage of it. But why is it so important to your digital strategy? The answer to this question is the possibility of generating engagement . What does this mean? That you will be able to create links with your customers, something that is sometimes very difficult through screens.

In addition to this, email marketing will allow you to increase traffic to your website . This interests you, since the more people access your online business, the more chances you have of them becoming customers. In these cases, promotional discount campaigns work very well, although there are others that will also generate the traffic you are looking for.

In spite of everything, you should not forget that the most important thing is the communication that you are going to have with your clients. This tool will become an opportunity to break down communication barriers that prevent you from providing your customers with care as if you were face to face with them. Being able to measure how this is working and knowing how you can change things to work for your business is fantastic. So, let’s get down to business?

Why use email marketing in your marketing strategy?

Do you still have doubts about introducing email marketing as part of your digital strategy? If the answer is “yes” we are going to give you more reasons why you should implement it in your marketing strategy . As you will see, the benefits it brings you can reinforce some aspects of your business that will have many advantages that you will see as soon as you start to analyze the results. You will discover that email marketing works!

Convert 3 times more than social networks

The surprising increase in the conversion rate is one of the main reasons why email marketing cannot be missing from your digital strategy. What does this mean? That as the owner of your business your goal is not only to reach more people or for them to know you. The interesting thing for you is to be able to retain them so that they trust your brand and not only buy from you once, but several times.

Surely in your marketing strategy you included exhaustive work with social networks . But no matter how hard you try, over time you will notice a kind of stagnation. Because social media works very well, it’s true. But they have other benefits different from those that email marketing offers you and that is that all the tools must work together.

In addition to all this, thanks to email marketing you can know at the moment how each campaign is working to make the changes you consider necessary to obtain better results . This will allow you to improve your conversion rate even more. Well, in the end, this tool is still that funnel that will help you guide the customer to trust you and buy from you.


Personalizing messages on social networks or in other ways is not so simple. With email marketing this is possible. You yourself have been the recipient of this type of digital strategy. Can we give you some examples? Look when you subscribe to the newsletter of a blog, online store or business in which you are interested in purchasing their products. If the company has done a good job of email marketing, you will receive a welcome message in which your name will appear .

A general message does not impact in the same way as an email that says “Hello Marcos, thank you for subscribing to our newsletter . ” This can also be achieved by you if within your marketing strategy you use this tool that you are already beginning to know something better. You will build trust, the customer will feel valued and important, and this will be beneficial for your business.

Increase cross-sell or promote upselling

Do you need more reasons to include email marketing in your digital strategy. Well, you should know that this tool increases cross-selling. What does this mean? That when a customer buys a product you can try to sell him others that are complementary . But, you may be wondering how you can do this through email marketing. Well, it’s easier than you think.

  • A customer has bought a product from your website, for example, a computer. Use this purchase to send him a personalized email thanking him for his purchase, mentioning some of the benefits he will enjoy and pitching an idea. Maybe you need a USB stick or a portable battery. Generate that feeling of need and offer them a discount on their next purchase if they make it in a certain time such as 1 month.
  • A customer’s shopping cart has not yet been validated by him, so you have a very good chance. Send him an email reminding him that his cart is pending and that he may lose his purchase if he does not confirm it within 3 days. Offer complementary products and, why not, a discount on them. You will see how well it works …

Promoting cross-selling or upselling works great, but don’t get frustrated if you haven’t been able to sell that additional product . Perhaps, after 15 days your client remembers that he needs that pendrive and realizes that he can still take advantage of that discount that you have given him. This very positive experience will make you a regular customer. Come on … your goal, right?


One of the characteristics for which email marketing stands out is its accessibility. Imagine that your clients do not have social networks or do not have an account in those with which you are going to work. So, all that strategy that you’ve been planning for weeks is not going to do you any good. Therefore, we repeat what we mentioned at the beginning. It is important that you use different tools that allow you to cover all the flanks.

A client may not have social networks, but they surely have an email. Very sure! It is a tool with which many people who are not very skilled with social networks do fairly well. Well that’s it. The email marketing will allow you to reach those prospective buyers who can not communicate by other means .

Keeps you on the mind of your consumers

Can you imagine that a client had your business in mind? What when a friend asks you about a product that you sell will he recommend you? Well, you do not have to imagine it so much, since with email marketing you will achieve this that, a priori , may seem very difficult. This tool helps you to have conversations with your clients so that the relationship does not deteriorate.

Treat your clients as if they were your friends . If you don’t care about them or communicate, in the end, the relationship deteriorates and falls into oblivion. This can happen to your business and, therefore, you need to include an email marketing strategy. After a while, you can ask the customer to rate that product they have bought or to remember it in case they need something else, perhaps a component that not only completes their acquisition, but also improves the experience that the customer has with it? It may be an option …


Quick and immediate. These two terms perfectly define the way we all interact with technology. We want everything to be at the moment, without waiting, because our time is very valuable. Therefore, this should also apply to you. Do you really want your customers to miss out on that wonderful offer you launched for Black Friday? 

With email marketing you will give them the possibility that they can know those offers or discounts instantly. In addition, the email will help them to be up to date if they do not usually access your website frequently. Do not forget to personalize the messages, to make them attractive. You can even create that desire to buy by telling you a few days before that there will be interesting offers on your website soon.

Mass mailing is not sending SPAM

Maybe this email sounds a bit like SPAM to you . It is normal, because for a long time this marketing strategy has been considered that way. But, it is convenient to deny some actions that do differentiate SPAM from a good use of email marketing. Because this belief may have made you ignore one of the fundamental tools within your digital strategy.

You do SPAM when you send meaningless messages left and right . You don’t have any sort of screen about it and your clients get a little cold when they receive news in their mail that has nothing to do with what they need. This is a problem for you and it is that email marketing is not based on this. What can you do then to avoid falling into SPAM?

Personalize the messages, this is essential . Also, make the emails that really have value for them reach your customers. For example, that email that reaches a specific customer after having made a purchase in which you offer them the opportunity to purchase other components related to a discount is not SPAM, it is an interesting offer.

Likewise, if every day your clients receive a news email about a news that you have shared, this is not SPAM either. It is valuable information (so you must choose them carefully) that will contribute something to them. Perhaps know other uses of a product they have bought or the benefits of something you sell on your website. Reporting will never be SPAM as long as it is useful .

The 4 fundamentals of email marketing that you should keep in mind

Now you know more about how email marketing works and all the advantages it can bring you. But, as we want you to gradually go deeper into this tool, at this moment it is your turn to immerse yourself in its 4 most important fundamentals . Certainly some concepts sound familiar to you, but we are going to see them in a more detailed way.

1) SMART objectives and a contact strategy

Do you remember what SMART goals were? These had to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and temporary . This is what you should apply to email marketing. What do you want to achieve? Maybe it’s more traffic to your website, attracting more customers, generating sales opportunities … Choose what is the goal you want to achieve and remember to be specific.

The SMART technique will help you shape those goals and make them as concrete as possible so that you can carry them out. Without these steps, you will be left with a kind of idea that will get nowhere. Once you have this clear, it is important to determine what the contact strategy will be . Here you will have to define how many messages you are going to send to your clients (or potential clients) and in what way you are going to communicate with them. What words are you going to use? Do you want to be more or less formal?

2) The 3 Vs to get registrations via email

Haven’t you read anything about the 3 Vs? They refer to visibility, value and speed. Keeping them in mind will allow you to achieve that the number of subscriptions grows, that more people register and that you achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself thanks to the SMART technique. Regarding visibility, the wake-up call and the subscribe button must be visible .

Regarding value, it is about using email marketing to share quality content . Why would your subscribers want to buy that product or register on your website? Here you must inquire into what your brand brings them and that no other does. What do you stand out for? If you were the customer, what would be the compelling reason you would click?

Finally, the velocity refers to the speed of subscriptions, purchases, registrations, etc . A simple form or button (that works, be sure to check) are a few options to keep the process clear. Don’t make your potential customers have to go from one place to another to get what they are looking for. One button, one click, and you’re done. Fast and easy.

3) Identify the correct metrics

If you’ve brought the first of the fundamentals of email marketing to fruition, you should have no trouble identifying the correct metrics. It will not help you to look at those that report how many followers you have gained on your website if what you were looking for were new registrations. Therefore, you should know what process and result metrics are .

  • Process metrics : with it you will be able to know how many emails have been opened, those that have not been delivered or the percentage of people who have clicked on a link or button in the email. This is a metric that may be of interest to you.
  • Results metrics: This metric is usually quite important. Here you will be able to know how many new subscribers you have, the conversion rate, the return by email, the average value of the orders … This will also be very valuable to you.

4) The 3 Vs of unsubscribing

Do you remember the 3 Vs? Well, you have to recover them now to take them into account in the processes for a subscriber to unsubscribe. Although it weighs you, it is not advisable that the letter is small . Remember the rule of visibility. Legible font, of a suitable size with which subscribers have no problem in unsubscribing.

Regarding the value, you do not know why a subscriber wants to unsubscribe. Therefore, offer him some alternatives. Maybe reduce the number of emails you receive? Select only those emails that you want to receive and that are of a specific content? The more options you give it, the better. Since, perhaps, you are wanting to unsubscribe due to any of the above circumstances. We recommend that you leave a section for “others”.

Finally, we cannot forget about speed. What’s the use of a subscriber having to log in to unsubscribe or send an email instead of clicking and you’re done? Putting difficulties in it will only generate anger and it will be a mistake to try to get that client back. Therefore, remember that easy and simple will always be better.

Types of emails

In your email marketing campaign you cannot forget about the different types of emails that you will have to handle . It is essential that you know all of them and that you use them. Well, even if you give more use to some than others, at some point you will need to use that email that you never use, but that at a certain moment you really need. Therefore, we are going to see some types and examples of these emails for your strategy.

As there are several types of emails, we are going to differentiate between occasional emails and those that you can automate . The latter are very interesting, since you will not have to worry about anything. On the other hand, with occasional emails, you will have to do an active job so that accurate information can reach your subscribers.

Occasional emails

The first of the occasional emails is event invitations . Either because you have planned a live show, a video in which you will deal with a specific topic, a class … it is necessary that you communicate it to your subscribers in advance (minimum 1 week) via email. Don’t forget to include the necessary information for them to sign up!

The day, the time or if there is a limit of participants (an extra to generate that feeling of need and that many people sign up). Remember to add the access link, although on the day of the issue, send it again a few hours before in case any mail has been lost or deleted inadvertently.

The second of the occasional emails is lead nurturing . In these cases, your goal is to push them up the sales funnel. You can use this when you launch a new product and thus generate interest even months before launch. For example, encouraging your subscribers to click on a certain link to receive a first taste of what awaits them.

After sending this to them, when appropriate, you can generate more cravings because they have already been able to see the product, but they still cannot buy it… Thus, little by little, you are sending them information that nurtures those leads that you are looking for. But, remember that this is occasional.

Automated emails

The first of the automated emails are blog updates . What new content have you published? Is there an old one, but it is relevant to remember it due to some current news? What this type of email allows is that your subscribers can be up to date with everything you publish and that if they were not subscribed to your newsletter, they would lose many updates and new content of interest. Therefore, keep this in mind.

The second is the newsletters themselves . What will you send to your subscribers’ emails? The main blog posts (they can be the last ones you have published during the week or the month, even the ones that have had the most impact). Also, we advise you to include external links to newspapers or studies that allow your subscribers to get more information. You can automate this so that it reaches the email of each of your subscribers every week, every 15 days or every month. It’s up to you! Choose what works best for you.

Where to begin? Some tips to have successful campaigns

You already know a little more about email marketing! Now you are ready to start planning your email marketing campaigns and, thus, take advantage of sales opportunities, attract customers and retain the ones you already have. To achieve this, you are going to discover some tips that we will explain in greater detail so that you can put them into practice without problems. Can we get on with it already?

1. The need for an email marketing solution

Well, at this point we have to ask you an essential question. Do you know how you are going to send the emails to your subscribers? How to automate them? Well this has an easy solution. You need software , an intuitive tool, that doesn’t give you too many headaches and that helps you launch your email marketing campaigns successfully.

On the Internet you can find several options: GetResponse, MailerLite, Mailchimp (surely this sounds better to you), etc. You may feel a bit disoriented by the choice, as there are so many alternatives! We are going to propose one that can go very well, although, you can always choose another or try several until you decide. The one we suggest is Sendinblue .

Why do we recommend Sendinblue? Because it is very easy to use and if you have never worked with email marketing, it is a good option to start with. In addition, this software will allow you to verify that your emails are reaching your recipients. But this is not all. You will be able to design very attractive campaigns without needing to have knowledge of graphic design or programming . If this is your case, surely you appreciate such an alternative, right?

And most importantly, you can measure the results!

We’ve saved the best for the end of this first tip for creating successful email marketing campaigns, the ability to measure results! This is what Sendinblue allows you to do. Do you want to know how many people open your messages? Who clicks on the links in them? This will help you know which ones are being effective and which ones are not to make changes!

However, the rest of the platforms will also allow you to measure the results of your campaigns. Some will offer you the option to measure them instantly , others will provide you with metrics with more information … Try some of the software that we have mentioned.

2. Collect emails legally

Okay, now comes the doubt that surely has been haunting you. How can you collect emails in a legal way? You will need them to be able to carry out your email marketing campaigns. You can do this through the forms that your subscribers cover on your website or if they enter their email in a pop-up in which you invite them to subscribe to your newsletter.

But this does not stop here. At all times, you must keep in mind the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) . You will have to comply with a series of rules such as not using the data with third parties, or using them for purposes that your own subscribers do not accept, something that you must specify when they click “accept” to receive your emails.

3. Segment your contacts

Now you have the emails, but there are many! Some people may be interested in some specific products, others may, due to their age, just want to be up to date with the content you publish on the blog… It is important that you analyze the type of campaigns you are going to do and to whom you are going to direct them . This with a software, like the ones already mentioned, will be very easy.

You can segment your contacts by what you decide. It may be by age, stage of purchase, interests, etc . This is a very important tip, since if your subscribers don’t get what they’re really interested in, they can end up unsubscribing. So, analyze very well why they are unsubscribing, because perhaps the key is at this point.

4. Improve your deliverability

Deliverability refers to the level of customer satisfaction with the receipt of your emails. This is the same as when a physical package arrives. Do you really appreciate how it is packaged? Everything that surrounds it? The extra gifts that can be added to it? Well, you should keep this in mind when you send emails, too.

Make your emails attractive, improve them, add color, more interaction, more legible letters … Also, include a gift and do not forget the link to unsubscribe. Be very careful with the latter. Your customers should not log in, or take too many actions to have to unsubscribe. Make it easy, sexy, pretty. Take care of your subscribers and you will win customers .

5. Create a beautiful and professional design

Closely related to the above is the design. Maybe you don’t have professional knowledge about graphic design , maybe you don’t even know where to start. Fortunately, the software options mentioned above for your email marketing campaigns will help you create beautiful, simple and highly attractive emails . But, we are going to give you some more tips.

Customize the colors with your company’s brand. If the logo is pink and white, make this combination have all the prominence in your emails . Also, keep them simple, be careful not to use too much font, because it scares and overwhelms you! Put photos, don’t forget the bold ones … In short, make the emails of your email marketing campaigns enter your customers’ eyes.

6. Customize your emails

We already mentioned before how important it is to personalize emails based on the interests of your subscribers. For this reason, you have to make your customers feel special, that you speak to them, as if they were in a physical store. You must achieve a communication in which trust and kindness reign. Therefore, the use of “you” is important .

Do not forget, either, that the emails begin with a “hello” or “good afternoon” followed by the name of each client . Thus, each person in particular will feel that you are talking to them and will be much more comfortable reading your email. In fact, rare are the times when you don’t continue reading after a “Hello, Claudia.” Therefore, create emails as personalized as possible. They will help you a lot to achieve the purposes you want to achieve with your campaigns.

7. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is essential for your email marketing campaigns to be successful. What kind of people are they going to open your emails? What are your interests? It is important that you know how to answer these questions, since if you do not know your audience it will be quite difficult for you to offer them valuable content that is useful to them.

At this point, do not forget what we mentioned earlier, the personalization of emails. Even if you know the people behind the screens well, they will not all be the same, especially if your products or services are aimed at different profiles. So keep this in mind to send the right emails to the right people .

8. Write irresistible subjects

In addition to all of the above, you should not overlook the email subjects. They are usually filled with vague information such as “new product” or a terse, albeit animated, “hello!” The truth is that for your email marketing campaigns you should work your issues a little more . So we are going to give you some tips that you can apply right now.

  • Create a sense of urgency : it is important for them to open your mail and be curious about what is inside, some examples can be “The offer is running out!”, “Are you seriously going to miss discovering our new agendas?” .
  • Generate closeness : you can easily do this by including before the previous examples the name of the person who is going to receive the email, for example, “Ana, the offer is over!”
  • Include numbers : numbers increase email open rates, so don’t underestimate them. Well, write things like “Did you know that 8 out of 10 of our customers this product has changed their lives?”

9. The good, if it is brief, twice as good

The last of the tips for you to have successful campaigns is to be brief. An email that is too long will not be read. Why write too many words if at least you can say the same thing? Condense the valuable information, expose it in an attractive, visual way, with paragraphs of no more than five lines. Use bold, images …

You do not have to delay your message, since what your audience does not want is wasting time reading an email that is too cumbersome. So, make it easy for them and remember that “the good, if short, twice as good.” This will help you not to beat around the bush .

Email retargeting or email remarketing

These 2 concepts may not sound familiar to you and, therefore, we are going to see them separately. We start with the first. ¿ What is email retargeting? Well, it is a tool that is based on cookies to analyze the behavior of a certain user on your website . Thus, the moment you subscribe to your newsletter, you will receive personalized emails based on the actions you have taken. Do you remember the automated emails? Well here they are.

Email retargeting can also be installed in the emails themselves so that when users open them their actions are recorded. So they can receive product recommendations , even you can create personalized newsletters for certain users. This is very useful.

On the other hand, there is email remarketing. In this case, the objective is to send personalized emails to people who have already interacted on the web, but with the aim that they take a specific action . It may be that they register in it, that they buy a product, that they remember that they have an abandoned cart. In the latter case, they can receive an email that you can take advantage of to include a discount, free shipping or a gift for their order, don’t you think?

As you may have noticed, email retargeting and email remarketing are not that different from each other. So you can use the 2 combined, as they complement each other very well . The first will help you analyze the actions of your audience to send them personalized emails, remember not to saturate them! The second will allow you to encourage your audience to carry out specific actions.

Email Marketing: How To Really Connect With Your Audience

You already have many more notions about how to work with email marketing, but although you have already been able to take your first steps with this tool, you still need to connect with your audience. Despite personalized emails, knowing your audience, you do not know how you can establish a relationship of trust in which a valuable connection is established. Well, for this, we are going to give you 4 basic tips that will help you achieve that connection .

1) Provides value

Worthless, there is no chance for you to connect with your audience, so keep this in mind. You must go beyond the mere product , you must bring out values ​​with which your audience can feel identified. We are going to give you a very simple example. Let’s imagine that you are an expert nutritionist and you have a website where you offer personalized nutrition plans, healthy eating, how to completely eliminate ultra-processed …

This is all well and good, but what if you go further? Healthy routines, exercising, meditating … All this will contribute other values ​​related to a healthy life that will not only attract the attention of your audience, but will also attract more potential clients. So, think about this when you work with email marketing, analyze the feedback, how are your subscribers responding?

Also, keep in mind that emails must be important to whoever receives them, which is why it is so important to send the right email to the right person. If not, you will not be contributing anything to that person. It will be one more email, among many others, that will end up in the trash. Therefore, analyze, personalize and add value .

2) Segment and personalize

Related to the above is the segmenting and customizing part. Your emails are already valuable, they have quality, they have value, but… who are you sending them to? Not all your subscribers will consider the same emails valuable, as their interests will be different . Therefore, this is the hardest job. You have to segment your audience and personalize the emails.

3) Welcome new users

Just as important as all of the above is that you welcome new users. This is the same as you would if a customer entered a physical store and it is key so that you can establish that connection that you are looking for so much with your email marketing campaigns. So, every time someone accesses your website, registers or agrees to receive your newsletter, give them a warm welcome .

You already know that you must customize the email and the subject. So, do not forget to put the name of the person so that they know that you are addressing them and that it is not an email that can be used by just anyone. This will allow that potential client to feel special and unique .

4) Listen to your subscribers

Finally, to connect with your audience you must listen to it. It is useless if you know her interests well and that you have been able to create valuable content for her if you do not pay attention to them. What do you need? What changes do you expect?  Sending them surveys or that they can leave their opinions on the products they have bought is a good idea to know what it is that you should change, improve or eliminate.

Perhaps you realize that they want shipments to be made in a more sustainable way or that they are looking for a 2-in-1 product, for example. The truth is that listening to your audience can give you many ideas about future products that are going to be very successful.

8 email marketing tips for B2B companies

B2B (Business to Business) companies maintain a relationship between manufacturers and distributors of a product . Thus, the objective is not the customer, but the provider of goods and services. For example, companies that provide content or web design to others. In these cases, it is convenient to keep in mind some email marketing tips that will be very useful and that differ a lot from those emails intended for the end customer. Let’s take a closer look at this!

1) Optimize your database

The first of the email marketing tips for B2B companies is to optimize the database. It should contain all the necessary information about the company (name, contact, CIF, etc.). Also, you should not forget about data protection, so make sure that you comply with all the rules included in the RGPD. Finally, include in your database those contacts who will be interested in your products or services . Here you must be minimalist!

2) Know the recipients

Once you have your database optimized, before creating your email marketing campaigns you must know the recipients you have chosen very well . B2B companies, as you well know, often have several specific audiences, so it is convenient to know what you are going to send to each one if you want to be successful with your campaigns.

To do this, you can start by filling in the following information about the contacts that you have included in your database: types of companies they work for , position they occupy, challenges they face, how they prefer to solve the problems that appear in his work. This will give you a first idea of ​​how you should approach your emails.

3) Create emails focused on action

Another fundamental tip is that you create emails that are focused on action. Well, you must have something very clear and that is that your campaigns will always aim for your contacts to do something. Whether it’s taking advantage of an offer, signing up for a 1-month free trial, purchasing a certain product… whatever! So include 1 call to action in every email you send . Just one!

4) Take advantage of affairs

Do you remember what we mentioned earlier about matters? Well, with B2B companies it was not going to be any different. Although, in this case, you should keep in mind that you are addressing manufacturers and distributors whose time is money! They are very busy, they have no time to waste. So the subjects are key to open the email.

As you have chosen the contacts that are part of your database very well and you already know them very well, now is the time for you to create issues addressed to them that make it very difficult for them not to click and open the email . Remember, they are very busy people.

5) The brief, if it is good …

Once they have clicked on the email, now the interesting thing is that they read it. But, they will not do it if the information is messy, the paragraphs are too long or there is an excess of photographs and animations. Again, you are addressing people who cannot stop to read an email with complete peace of mind, so be brief and be clear about what you are going to tell them .

6) Customize the messages

To achieve this, B2B companies must personalize their messages very well. Not all manufacturers or distributors are the same, so you should know how you can help them. After all the previous work, this should not be too difficult. So send any offers, services, discounts, or free trials to the right people. Also, make it clear to them that you are addressing them . The more you personalize the messages, the better.

7) Offer value

Value is very important. If your email marketing campaigns do not offer value for providers of goods and services, they will not open your emails or be interested in what you offer them! Therefore, if you haven’t had time to connect with them yet, you can add value to them by giving them a product, offering them to use your service for free for 15 days , including discounts, whatever! Thus, you will also detect what the reaction is.

8) use social proof

One last tip for B2B email marketing is to use social proof to see if your actions are on track. We have already exposed it previously, but it is that in this case it is fundamental. It’s about getting feedback from all those product distributors. To do this, take advantage of email marketing campaigns to ask opinion on products, on the buying process, what they have been missing, etc .

This will help you improve your emails, personalize them more and fill in all those deficiencies that you need to solve so that your services can reach more contacts. Do not forget that choosing them well is essential for this feedback to be useful to you.

Choosing the right email marketing tool

You already have it! Now you know the keys to carry out your email marketing campaigns properly and effectively. As you have seen, there are many steps and tips that you should take into account, but to facilitate all this we are going to leave you here 5 tools that will be very useful. They will simplify your work, allow you to optimize your efforts and, ultimately, that you can ensure the success of your campaigns. Let’s discover them!


Mailchimp is one of the email marketing tools that we mentioned at the beginning. It is one of the best known and if you want to get the most out of it, you will have to invest in it. But, the results that it will bring you will make it worth it. What does Mailchimp offer you and why is it at the top of this list of tools?

  • Its design is elegant and minimalist , which allows you not to get lost between the different functionalities and that you know at all times where you have to click.
  • It allows you to create lists of users with different segmentations (by country, city, language, age, etc.), which will be very useful.
  • It offers you templates for the campaigns so you don’t have to create them from scratch, something you can do if you wish.
  • The email editor is very intuitive and, in fact, you can write in HTML if you want to include some extra functionality.
  • It offers you statistics to analyze how your campaigns work . Thus, you will know what percentage of subscribers read your emails, click on them and the cities in which they are.
  • It is a tool that is in English .

Although what is in English may put you back, if you do not control this language too much, we assure you that even though you have few notions, you will be able to use this tool without problems. Mailchimp uses easy language to make it as intuitive as possible.


Do you remember that we also mentioned this tool at the beginning? Sendinblue is different from Mailchimp and, again, if you want to get the most out of it, you will have to invest in it. You can choose the plan that best suits what you need. With everything you have learned so far about email marketing campaigns, your emails will be very successful! What can Sendinblue offer you? Let’s see it right now .

  • It offers you payment plans with free emails , so you can enjoy 300 or more emails that you can send to your subscribers throughout the month without additional costs!
  • You will see the statistics with visual graphs , which will allow you to understand how your campaigns are working in an easy way.
  • You can segment by demographic data , behavior (visits, receipt of previous emails or clicks on specific areas of your website) or by previous purchase information.
  • It is a tool that is available in Spanish


Benchmark is another tool that you can use for your email marketing campaigns. Like the previous ones, in this case you will discover what different or extra functionalities it offers you so that, in the end, you can opt for the tool that best suits what you are looking for. Let’s see what Benchmark brings you!

  • You can create email campaigns with a more extensive catalog and, in addition, it has a search engine that will help you search for specific content.
  • The emails are responsive , something that we had not discussed so far. That is, all of them can be read perfectly on a mobile device.
  • It has a free plan that will allow you to work with this tool if you do not exceed 2000 subscribers. You can send up to 14,000 emails without having to pay, it’s great!
  • The payment plan includes a CRM and other tools that can be useful to create much more elaborate email marketing campaigns. In addition, this plan will allow you to enjoy unlimited sending of emails.
  • You can see the statistics of your campaigns , whether you have the free or paid plan. This is essential to see if your actions are having the results you expected.
  • It is a tool that is available in Spanish  and contains a guide so that you can get even more out of your email marketing campaigns.


Shall we continue with another tool for your campaigns? In this case it is Mailrelay. You will discover what its functionalities are, what it offers you and what is different from the previous ones. There is only one more tool left so you can choose among these 5 which one best suits you. Let’s see what Mailrelay offers you!

  • It has a very simple HTML editor so you can customize your email marketing campaigns in your own way.
  • It allows you to schedule email shipments to your liking so that your subscribers receive automatic responses.
  • Its free version has hardly any limitations and it will be useful if you have less than 15,000 subscribers and want to send less than 75,000 emails per month. Therefore, if you are starting with email marketing, it can be an interesting tool for you.
  • It offers you advanced statistics so that you can analyze the results of your campaigns in a comprehensive way.
  • It has a customer service that will help you solve any doubts you may have either by phone, chat or mail.
  • This tool is in Spanish .


Sure, some of the tools mentioned have already caught your attention, but we still want to offer you one last option that may be a better fit for you. It is Acumbamail that also offers you a series of specific functionalities, some of which are similar to the previous tools, although it has specific characteristics. What does Acumbamail offer you?

  • You do not need any knowledge of layout or design to create attractive campaigns in a very short time.
  • Its system is very intuitive so that at all times you know where to click and where to access so that the result is the best.
  • You have free resources , like 2000 emails a month if you have an audience of 250 subscribers. This is in its free version. In the paid one, you have no subscriber limit.
  • It has technical support so that you can consult any questions through email, phone or chat. In Spanish!


Is there a better email marketing tool than another? The truth is that no, they are all different and offer you different functions depending on what you need. What we advise you is that you try them all, some of them offer a free trial or with their free version you can already know how you will be able to cope with it. In this way, before paying, you will be able to know which one you manage best to invest in it and obtain good results.

With all the advice, tips and examples, now you know that email marketing is essential if you want to help your business and take it to another level. If you felt that it was stagnant, that you were not evolving, it is time for you to start creating these types of campaigns. The response will be very positive, although you will have to work hard on your campaigns. Now you know everything you need to take into account, so … what are you waiting for to get down to work?