Monday, May 29, 2023
important KPIs

Most important KPIs to know the SEO of your website

KPIs are performance keywords that determine the value of information to achieve measurement that demonstrates how effective the publication or launched campaign is based...
SEO Agency

How to Locate Your Ideal SEO Agency Today!

Regardless of the nature of your business, a good SEO agency should have unbiased opinions and relevant data. This information can come in the...
purchase decision

Who is involved in the purchase decision process?

Before starting any marketing action, it is essential to define a fundamental aspect: the buyer person . It is a detailed description of the potential clients of...

What is telemarketing and how can it help your company?

When in 1881 a Berlin pastry chef decided to use the telephone to contact customers and sell his products, it was clear that he...
financial control

Stages of financial control

Financial control activities constitute a continuous process, since they include various stages or phases that are executed over a fairly long period of time,...

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